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Close-up of a career coaching session in progress, available through HC-Resource’s exclusive services.

Think Before You Click: Why Rushing Your Job Application Can Backfire

In today's job market, where a single job posting can draw in 118 applicants on average, it's crucial to make your application stand out. With so much competition, there's little room for mistakes.

Let's talk about how you can apply for jobs smartly and make sure your resume gets noticed, avoiding the rejection stack.

While software automation has simplified the recruitment process...

Finding a job can be a daunting task – clicking “apply” and submitting your ...

With so many applicants vying for the same opportunities, it can be difficult ...

Professional updating their LinkedIn profile using tips from an HC-Resource article.

As an organization, we want to support our employees in growing and developing their careers.

The culture of remote work is slowly changing the way we accomplish objectives.

Everyone has the perfect person they can envision to fill a position and build the future of their team. 

Interactive webinar session hosted by HC-Resource focused on interview preparation techniques.

Performance reviews are an essential part of your employee's development. As a leader, you have the opportunity to help them grow and improve by providing constructive feedback that will lead to better work habits, skillsets, and ...

Psychological safety is essential for organizations that want to innovate, adapt quickly and make decisions in complex environments...

Companies today talk a lot about their culture and the types of people they hire. In fact, you probably have a sense that your organization is all about its corporate culture, values, and personality. But what do these terms really mean?

Finding the right candidates, who are talented and possess the right fit for your company, is a challenge in any ...

If you're an entrepreneur, you know that uncertainty is a constant. It's the nature of the business. But what if there was ...

If you're in a leadership position, one of the things you might be tasked with is taking over an existing team.


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