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We Provide Specialized Staffing Solutions 

By partnering with HC-Resource, you gain access to premier staffing solutions tailored to enhance your team and drive business growth. Our strategic talent acquisition aligns with client culture and needs, fostering a partnership that drives innovation and excellence.


Average Fill Time


Hired Candidates


Business Partners

Expert recruiter conducting a candidate interview via video call, focused and engaged.
Client and HC-Resource consultant reviewing candidate profiles on a digital tablet


Hire on a Subscription

When you're experiencing more than 3+ hires a year, it's time to think bigger. You need a TA wing that can keep up with you. At HC-Resource, we've devised a way to make sure you get the best talent at every level without breaking your budget.


With our revolutionary Dedicated Talent Partnership, we can build out your entire TA wing to your specific needs.We understand that every business has different needs, so we customize our approach to fit your business.


With our contracts starting at $5,000 per month and an opportunity to enroll for free in our Executive Consulting Packages, you can start enjoying the benefits of our services today.​​​​

Diverse group of professionals in a collaborative team meeting, discussing recruitment strategies.


Contingent contract

We're here to make sure that no matter what kind of recruitment cycle you're in, we've got your back.This is our standard contingent contract, which is a great choice for your average recruitment program.

Our fee structure is simple: we charge a one-time fee that is aligned with the annual salary of your new hire. No hidden fees. You'll be invoiced only when the candidate is hired. All work is performed by our team of expert recruiters and it is guaranteed for 90 days. If you're ready to have us work on your behalf, please fill out the form below and one of our recruiters will get in touch with you shortly.

Close-up of a handshake between a client and HC-Resource manager, symbolizing partnership
Energetic HC-Resource team brainstorming over candidate placement strategies in a modern office.

For companies experiencing

3+ hires

Free enrollment in our Executive Coaching Package

Our revolutionary subscription



1. Book a discovery call

We’ll discuss your hiring needs and objectives to understand what you're looking for in your team. 

2. Create Talent Strategy

The plan outlines efficient steps to quickly find suitable candidates, streamlining your hiring.

3. Access Vetted Candidates

We'll deliver vetted candidate profiles directly, enabling efficient selection without filtering mismatches.

Standard contingent contract

One single payment. No hidden fees

90 Days guarantee


"Dynamic dashboard showcasing real-time analytics of candidate tracking system used by HC-Resource.

Maximize Flexibility, Minimize Risk: Pay for Performance Recruiting

Contingent Contract: A contingent contract offers unparalleled flexibility and is an ideal solution for companies navigating the ebb and flow of business demands. With this model, your organization gains access to a diverse pool of talent, paying only when the perfect match is made. This ensures that your recruitment efforts are as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Whether you're filling a single position or multiple roles, our contingent recruitment services adapt to your unique requirements, leveraging our vast network and expertise to connect you with the right candidates.

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