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What Do You Need For Internal Relocation?

I stumbled upon a great article from Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) about the documents candidates need to have when preparing for international relocation. This is also a great resource for both employers and recruiters to share with candidates who may be making a cross-border move for a new career opportunity.

Obvious items to include:

  • Passport

  • Visa

  • Birth certificate

  • Work permit

All of these items are likely to be required to both gain entry into the new country as well as to start the new role. There are other items that may not be as top-of-mind and also need to be included:

  • Medical records – you may need to prove that you have received various vaccinations, for example. Or, you may have a chronic medical condition that will need regular monitoring. It may not be quick or simple to obtain your medical records once you leave your home country, so make sure you have these before you move. Don’t forget your dental and/or vision records!

  • Pet vaccination records – if you are traveling with a pet, make sure to have the pet’s medical records as well. It’s not uncommon for there to be a quarantine period for animals entering a country, or for the new country to need proof of distemper (rabies) shots or other vaccines. You’ll want this important part of your family to be reunited with you as quickly as possible, and medical records can help that process.

  • School records – for families who are moving with school-age children, educational records are also helpful. School years and educational requirements rarely match exactly from one country to another. You’ll need the records to help determine placement for your student, and for those who will matriculate in a new country, the records will prove that various educational requirements have been met.

It goes without saying that keeping these documents safe is an absolute MUST. Do not ship them with your household belongings. Keep them in your possession and then make sure you have secure storage in your new home. It’s also wise to consider having physical and/or digital copies of everything.

International relocation can be exciting and rewarding; having the necessary documentation can make the transition smoother and less stressful.



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